Sr. No Company Name Candidate Name Job Profile Package
1. Byju's Mayank Mehata Software Developer Rs.9,00,000 PA
2. Byju's, Pune Moeez Dharwadkar Software developer Rs.9,00,000 PA
3. Saama Technologies Pvt Ltd Rajesh Wadhe Software Developer Rs.3,00,000 PA
4. Aptify Chaitanya Kulkarni Software Engineer Trainee Rs. 4,00,000/-
5. Entercoms, Pune Shrutika Ingale Technical Support Associate Rs. 2,50,000/- PA
6. Yardi Software Pvt Ltd Shweta Bhor Software Trainee Engineer (SQL Application Support). Rs.4,00,000 to 4,50,000/-
7. EazySoft Solutions Sagar Wakchaure PHP Developer Rs.8,000 to 15,000 /- PM
8. Yardi Software Pvt Ltd Vaibhav Vyas Software Trainee Engineer (SQL Application Support). Rs.4,00,000 to 4,50,000/-
9. Hella India Automotive Pvt. Ltd Jyoti Mate Electronics – Testing Engineer Rs. 3.75 L PA
10. Hella India Automotive Pvt. Ltd Shriya Patil Electronics – Testing Engineer Rs. 3.75 L PA
11. Hella India Automotive Pvt. Ltd Amol Gugale Electronics – Testing Engineer Rs. 3,75,000 /-PA
12. GlobalStep Technology Solutions, Pune Om pusadkar Game Testing Rs. 1,20,000 /- PA
13. GlobalStep Technology Solutions, Pune Osho vadgaonkar Game Testing Rs. 1,20,000 /- PA
14. GlobalStep Technology Solutions, Pune Devansh Kedia Game Testing Rs. 1,20,000 /- PA
15. GlobalStep Technology Solutions, Pune Ajay Gat Game Testing Rs. 1,20,000 /- PA
16. GlobalStep Technology Solutions, Pune Ghanshyam Khairnar Game Testing Rs. 1,20,000 /- PA
17. GlobalStep Technology Solutions, Pune Mohammad Ahmed Game Testing Rs. 1,20,000 /- PA
18. GlobalStep Technology Solutions, Pune Prashant Bansode Game Testing Rs. 1,20,000 /- PA
20. GlobalStep Technology Solutions, Pune Mayur Nimje Game Testing Rs. 1,20,000 /- PA
21. Saama Technologies Pvt Ltd Payal Lilhare Software Developer Rs.3,00,000 PA
22. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Saurabh Jaiswal QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
23. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Pradnys Barmukh QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
24. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Tushar Adholekar QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
25. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Abhishek Bhagat QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
26. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Shweta chandel QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
27. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Sheorain PawanKumar QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
28. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Sayali Shinde QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
29. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Priyanka Patil QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
30. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Sayli Vyavhare QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
31. GlobalStep Technology Solutions kunal bhoyar QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
32. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Dnyaneshwar Kolamkar QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
33. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Hitesh mahto QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
34. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Nayan Rajesh Solanki QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
35. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Abizar Dholfar QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
36. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Kundan Yadao QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
37. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Sourabh Walke QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
38. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Neha Penshanwar QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
39. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Shreya Sharma QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
40. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Payal Waghmare QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
41. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Ibrahim Shaikh QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
42. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Yash Gurunani QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
43. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Sachin Bhosale QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
44. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Rishikesh Khadke QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
45. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Shubham Shripad QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
46. GlobalStep Technology Solutions Chiatnya Dave QA Engineer Rs.2,10,000 PA
47. Yardi Software Pvt Ltd Jayshree Gangadhare Software Trainee Engineer (SQL Application Support). Rs.4,00,000 to 4,50,000/-
48. beyond infoserve sayali Pandit Software Developer Rs.2,40,000/- PA
49. beyond infoserve savita More Software Developer Rs.2,40,000/- PA
50. Torqus, Pune Sahil Mulane product development(java) Rs.2,60,000- PA
51. Torqus, Pune akshay Divedi product development(java) Rs.2,60,000- PA
52. Spider, Mambai pratik Gharate software developer Rs.2,60,000- PA
53. Unosys, Pune Jivan Patil C++ Developer Rs.1,40,000/-PA
54. Unosys, Pune Smruti Jadhav C++ Developer Rs.1,40,000/-PA
55. Unosys, Pune Tejal Patil C++ Developer Rs.1,40,000/-PA
56. C-bia, Pune shrutika chintal SQL Developer Rs.1,20,000/-PA
57. C-bia, Pune sominath pokale SQL Developer Rs.1,20,000/-PA
58. Demand influence, Pune sarika Bhamare management trainee Rs.15000/- PM
59. Demand influence, Pune Aakash Pusulu java developer Rs.15000/- PM
60. Curologic system, Pune Vivek kumar Mishra Java Developer Rs.10000/- PM
61. Unique ideas, Pune Vaishnavi Bokil Java Developer Rs.8000/- PM
62. Vritti solutions, Pune Jyoti Tambe Java Developer Rs.1,80,000/- PA
63. Vritti solutions, Pune Jyoti Patil Java Developer Rs.1,80,000/- PA
64. Vritti solutions, Pune Lakhan Aswani Java Developer Rs.1,80,000/- PA
65. Vritti solutions, Pune monali Bendre Java Developer Rs.1,80,000/- PA
66. Wifi-soft, Pune Neha Mate Java Developer Rs.1,80,000/- PA
67. Sagacity, Pune Poonam Ghule Dot Net Developer Rs.12000/- PM
68. IBM, PAN India Arif Shaikh software developer/testing Rs.18000/- PM
69. Touchmagix, Pune Akshay Umale Tech Support Rs.12000/- PM
70. Decos, Pune Ashwini Ladekar Dot Net Developer Rs.3,25,000/- PA
71. sagacity, Pune Pooja Lokare software tester Rs.12,000/- PM
72. Techechelons, Pune Pooja Saini Dot Net Developer Rs.67200/- PM
73. Techview, Pune Arohi Agrawal Testing Rs.8000/- PM
74. IBM, PAN India Mithilesh Mane software developer/testing Rs.18000/- PM
75. IBM, PAN India Paras Nagar software developer/testing Rs.18000/- PM
76. IBM, PAN India Amit Ghodake software developer/testing Rs.18000/- PM
77. Suvichar, Pune Jayshree Shinde php Developer Rs.6000/- PM
78. Techview, Pune Ruchida Zade Testing Rs.8000/- PM
79. IBM, PAN India Sunil Veer software developer/testing Rs.18,000/- PM
80. IBM, PAN India Palkesh Vyas software developer/testing Rs.18,000/- PM
81. IBM, PAN India Ganesh Nimkar software developer/testing Rs.18,000/- PM
82. IBM, PAN India Lakshmikant Ghuge software developer/testing Rs.18,000/- PM
83. IBM, PAN India Rucha Shah software developer/testing Rs.18,000/- PM
84. IBM, PAN India Monika Dashore software developer/testing Rs.18,000/- PM
85. IBM, PAN India Payal Pakhale software developer/testing Rs.18,000/- PM
86. IBM, PAN India Aditi Poeale software developer/testing Rs.18,000/- PM
87. IBM, PAN India Pooja Sawant software developer/testing Rs.18,000/- PM
88. IBM, PAN India Sonali Tate software developer/testing Rs.18,000/- PM
89. IBM, PAN India Archana mante software developer/testing Rs.18,000/- PM
90. Deskera, Pune Swapnil Deshmane Java Developer Rs.16,000/- PM
91. IBM, PAN India sourabh Patel software developer/testing Rs.18,000/- PM
92. IBM, PAN India Jaswini Paunikar software developer/testing Rs.18,000/- PM
93. Heptanesia, Mumbai Khushal Borkar software developer Rs.12,000/- PM
94. Quality kiosk, Mumbai Omkar Kulkarni Trainee Engineer Rs.2,10,000/- PA
95. Quality kiosk, Mumbai Gaurav Choudhary Trainee Engineer Rs.2,10,000/- PA
96. Technotonic, Mumbai Bhavesh Choudhary Java Developer Rs.2,00,000/- PA
97. Technotonic, Mumbai Bhavesh Choudhary Java Developer Rs.2,00,000/- PA
98. AUDITime Quality Mangment, Mumbai Manish Koul software tester Rs.2,20,000/- PA
99. AUDITime Quality Mangment, Mumbai Animesh Gaikwad software tester Rs.2,20,000/- PA
100. Fiserv Software, Pune Dhanshree Joshi Technical support Executive Rs. 3,02,000/- PA
101. Fiserv Software, Pune Gaurav Roy Technical support Executive Rs. 3,02,000/- PA
102. Fiserv Software, Pune Saurabh Nagarkar Technical support Executive Rs. 3,02,000/- PA
103. Fiserv Software, Pune Rahul Ahuja Technical support Executive Rs. 3,02,000/- PA
104. Fiserv Software, Pune Prateek Aryan Technical support Executive Rs. 3,02,000/- PA
105. Tudip Technology, Pune Pallavi Gurwani QA Engineer Rs.2,35.040/- PA
106. Tudip Technology, Pune Gaurav Ahuja QA Engineer Rs.2,35.040/- PA
107. Fiserv Software, Pune Suraj Adhav Technical support Executive Rs. 3,02,000/- PA
108. Fiserv Software, Pune Shubham chonde Technical support Executive Rs. 3,02,000/- PA
109. eClinical Works, Mumbai Neha Kulkarni Software Testing Rs.2.66,000/- PA
110. eClinical Works, Mumbai Prashant Jadhav Software Testing Rs.2.66,000/- PA
111. Iris Techsys, Pune Priyanka Kashid Java Developer Rs.2.50,000/- PA
112. Vyom Labs Pvt Ltd, Pune Ayush Bisen Trainee Engineer - Java Rs.1,80,000/- PA
113. Just Dial Pune Namrata Chandak Inbound Voice Process Rs.1,80,000 PA
Vikas Shinde 22/05/2018 Placed, Candidates, Fresher

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